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Aug 7 - 99

Moms concert at the Paramount was everything but normal! First the day before the show, I got this strange email with a link to some sort of fan site for mom. The design work could have used some juice though.  Anyway it led to a link of a review of mom's.  But what was really strange was that it was a review of the show before it even happened! The very next day the same exact review was in the paper. Mom knew the critic guy and wanted to chew him out. While I was working on my geometry I got my e-mail and that unknown person sent me an audio clip of mom chewing him out. I called Irene, but she said that mom hadn't left yet! Jack and I went down to the papers office, and we heard mom talking to Spencer. Jack and I heard the same exact thing as I heard in the audio clip!. When mom and Spencer were done talking he ran off like a chicken as always! When he left the computer there logged onto a website with a video clip of the bus crashing.  Where were these things coming from?  Turn Page