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Aug 7 - 99   --Continued --

Jack seems to think that it was Spencer's girlfriend trying to psych us out. I didn't think so.  I tried showing Jack and Clu the site, but when we went there, there was just a video clip of a dog barking. Not the bus crashing. They thought I was loosing my marbles and I was starting to believe them. Jack asked Ned if we would be heading anywhere near Rockville, which Ned said we weren't. Then why was I getting those strange messages?  Well, that night while I was sleeping I awoke to find my laptop on and some sort of live video feed playing.  It was exactly what was happening then and there! Luckily it gave me a chance to stop the bus from hitting Spencer's car. He was on his way to apologize to mom about his review. I saved his life. If it weren't for those strange emails and links, I would have never known! Makes you think though, can we change things? Or is everything written in stone? Are we writing our own future as we go along?  -Fi-