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Aug 1st. - We're on our way to Chicago, the Windy City! Mom's got a gig in this cool club down by the river. I can't wait to get off this bus and go exploring. We've been on this bus for so long it seems like forever even though it's only been since the gig in Minneapolis. Jack and Clu have been practicing their guitars soo loudly now that I DREAM in 1-4-5 chords!  Irene's been going crazy doing the bookings she's trying to finish out the year without having us drive all over the country. Mom's been great though.  She's so much happier since she stopped writing jingles for the ad agency.  I agree with her there. Her heart lies in writing and performing on stage. Ned's been cool too, telling us all the places he visited when he was doing his roadie gig for mom and dad back in the Phillips-Kane Band days. (Mom doesn't like to talk about PKB much, because of dad, I guess, but Ned has some GREAT stories.) Anyway, at least I've had time to get my website up to date. I'm still trying to get that photo of the Raynham Hall ghost and stills from the Patterson footage of Bigfoot. I hope I can find them!  -Fi-