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Aug 5 - 99

Well, we're en route to Maryland now. Mom's got a gig at this place called the Paramount in a town called Dillon. I wonder where this place is. I hope it's not too small of a town. I need to get some more RAM for the old laptop. It just eats memory now like a hog. Plus, mom's used up all the promotional guitar strings she got from Gibson. So, once again our battle cry is "SHOPPING!!". Ok, so it's our battle cry all the time.  But I think needing more RAM and guitar strings is good reason enough.  I swear, if Jack and Clu don't stop playing their guitars so loud, I'm going to have to break all their guitar strings! Arrg.  I guess I should be thankful that Carey is away at college or I'd have three of them. YIKES! Well I better end this entry We're at the Paramount now!