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September 9 - We're on the road to Tulsa - that's the big OK, Oklahoma. Ned's been playing the musical cast album non-stop and IT'S DRIVING US NUTS!!!!! Fortunately, he and Irene are going to split off and go on ahead with the roadie bus. Thank goodness! If I had to take much more of that I probably would have jumped out of the bus! I love them and everything, but Broadway shows are not my scene. I hear it's hotter than Beelzebub's barbecue down there.  But when is it not? I can't wait to swim at the hotel pool.  If it's going to be that hot, I know Jack and Clu will complain to no end about the heat.  I don't want to have a repeat of last summer when Irene booked us in this motel that had no pool what so ever, and Kentucky was having their record heat wave.  Jack complained so much everyone thought he was going to die from the heat. What a baby!  I wonder if he would have been tough enough to encounter that spirit of the boy like I did? Probably not. He would have passed out! His brain isn't capable of handling that type of overload! Later! -Fi-