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August 3 -  Well, that old building where Mom had her gig in Chicago turned out to have some real history behind it! Turns out that that's where they took some of the people who drowned in the Eastland disaster in 1915 - I hadn't heard of that one before, but The Eastland was this passenger ship that capsized right there in the harbor; 844 people lost their lives…and one of them - a little boy APPEARED RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME when I was looking around the building! At first I was scared. I didn't know what the heck he wanted. (The building already had a reputation for being haunted, but I guess I was the first person who was actually listening.) I thought he was mad at me - he totaled my laptop. I thought mom was going to kill me when I told her what happened! But she was cool about it and I got a new one. It totally rocks! It's is gonna take me 50 years of allowance to pay this thing off - but he was just trying to get me to help him. I figured out his name! So, with that info, I located where his parent s were buried, and he will be buried there too now ;reunited with his family the way it should have been!     -Fi-